Delicacy of South Asia


We are a relationship driven business

We want to work alongside committed partners who genuinely share our passion for delivering great quality and taste to our customers.

Food & Beverage

Whether you are a restaurant or catering company or any other type of food businesses and you are looking for a way of innovating your menu, please contact us and we will show you how our product can benefit your company.

Retail/wholesale/online supermarket

If you wish to distribute our product and grow your sales, please get in touch.

Vegan and Healthy

Our product is vegan trademarked. If your company vision matches ours which is focusing on healthy lifestyle and plant-based product. Please contact us to partner with us.

As a relationship driven business we understand the importance of being a reliable and trusted partner who you want to do business with.

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We accept following payment methods:

We accept following payment methods: